Educational Oak Park


By: Dustin Tuliao

Oak Park Stage is a new theater opening in Chicago that focuses on bringing families together because we believe that happy families allow for a better community to come to be. Parks, theme parks, carnival and malls are all great activities for families to do together, it allows for a stronger bond but what it does not do is allow for a deeper creative and cranial connection between parents and their children. Having this connection leads to better and meaningful dinner table conversations. Our tagline “it’s something to talk about” is meant to highlight our theater’s ability to inspire conversations at the dinner table. Greek dramas dive in to many social and political challenges, and this is why Oak Park Stage is dedicated in reimagining these tragedies and making them more relatable to children. We rethink and rewrite the stories while preserving their teachings to inspire parents and kids. Through our plays we aim to connect the old and the new, the parents and the children, and the classic to the modern